We are a team of passionate and talented professionals who are intellectually curious, enjoy creative thinking, and love what we do to help organisations grow.

As you help organisations make an impact, we help you grow professionally in a rewarding and dynamic work environment.

What is it like working in FMG?

Isabel Chew

Isabel Chew

Principal, CEO's Office

People who enjoy value creation

I chose to work in FMG because of the people. People here are really excited about value creation. We have a great team and a culture that values its people and is committed towards delivering outcomes for our clients.

When I am not working

I enjoy learning new languages during my free time. Currently, I am studying Japanese and Tagalog. Southeast Asia also fascinates me, and whenever I can, I enjoy traveling around the region.

The kind of work I enjoy

I am constantly challenged by the range and depth of projects I work on in FMG, which has spurred my own professional and personal growth. In particular, I am passionate about working with clients to help them derive insights into and solutions for their problems, especially when it comes to the use of data.

Edward Neo

Edward Neo

Business Development Manager

Making a tangible impact

I joined FMG because what the firm does gets translated into actionable outcomes. As part of the FMG team, I derive great satisfaction when we help our clients to make a positive impact and when we help transform organisations.

Part of a close-knit team

Having a close-knit team of ambitious individuals who are passionate about life and learning ensures there is never a dull day at FMG. Everyone who works at FMG are independent thinkers and the diversity of opinion translates into effective and innovative solutions for our clients. I truly enjoy the intellectual discourse at work almost as much as the witty banter that takes place after hours!

Opportunities to develop

I most enjoy the overseas opportunities provided at FMG. Being part of a management consultancy with a global practice, I get the opportunity to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This is also a firm that spares no expense to invest in its people, and I have undergone general and specialised training courses to develop my core and technical capabilities. Such exposures have greatly broadened my horizons.

How I unwind

I enjoy learning new languages and spending time by the beach. I am also a foodaholic and avid traveller.

Zhang Lei

Zhang Lei

Data Analyst

To work as a team

I appreciate the opportunity to work in FMG because of its positive company culture. Everyone at FMG is encouraged to offer ideas, think differently and propose new solutions for projects, regardless of seniority and experience. I enjoy the fantastic comradery in my team.

To start career

FMG is a great learning ground for a fresh graduate to acquire technical and functional knowledge. More importantly, the fast pace and learning-on-the-job exposure pushes me to get up to speed and to understand the business issues. There is no lack of support here and the managers propagate critical thinking, impart the FMG high-level of working standard and are patient at clarifying doubts for me. Though our projects may be challenging, the coaching culture shined through in any challenges we faced as a team.

To recharge

Enjoying scrumptious food and different cuisines is a must! I love to visit various restaurants around the island and gather with my friends, relish the dining experience and satisfy my appetite during the weekends.

Elena Lopez Freijo

Elena Lopez Freijo


Learning something new everyday

The most rewarding part about working in FMG is that I learn something new every day. I get to work on a variety of exciting projects from different industries. The fast-paced environment makes me want to push myself harder and to do my best.

Starting to work in a new company can sometimes be challenging. But this is not a problem in FMG. I feel welcomed from the first day. Each of us brings something unique and valuable to the team. Although some days can be very busy, I feel supported as I know I can rely on the rest of the team. The great team culture is one of the best features in FMG!

After a long day at work

I like practising at the golfing range while I relax with a nice glass of Spanish wine and dim sum.