Public Policy

How can enduring results be achieved for citizens? Better policy-making through a structured proven framework of policy thinking, formulation and implementation.

Public Policy Programme

Equipped with our tool kit of proven methodologies delivered with an engaging pedagogy, we are dedicated to help our public sector clients achieve higher performance in the face of complex challenges.

Programme Outline

Level I: Entry-level and senior managers

Duration: 3-Day Course


  • Policymaking in Context: Understanding policy imperatives
  • Policy Fundamentals
  • Policy Structure: Introduction to the Linear Policy Structure Framework and the Policy Typology Matrix
  • Principles of Good Staffing:
    Familiarisation with good staffing practices including the IDE/A Model and the 5Ds — Delivery Cycle
  • Policy Communication: Learning the best practices in policy communication

Learning Outcomes:

  • A good understanding of the policymaking process
  • Familiarity with the framework for policy formulation
  • Improved practical ability to form and communicate policy

Level II: First-line supervisors

Duration: 2-Day Course


  • Policy Conditions: Understanding constraints and trade-offs in policymaking
  • Policy Formulation:
    Familiarisation with public policy framework and structure, including policy options and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Policy Execution:
    Understanding policy execution requirements such as the 5C — Commitment Cycle, and learning to design evaluation frameworks

Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced policy techniques for policy formulation
  • An improved understanding of how to better manage the policymaking process
  • An enhanced capability to supervise policy units

Level III: Senior management

Duration: 1-Day Course

Bespoke course structured around key issues, challenges and organisational needs.


  • The Future of Public Policy
  • Policymaking under Conditions of Uncertainty:
    • Management by Discovery
    • Bayesian Approach
    • FUSE: Foresight-driven Understanding, Strategy and Execution®

Learning Outcomes:

  • An improved strategic perspective
  • A firm grasp of advanced strategic techniques
  • An improved strategic management capability

We understand the needs of every government agency may be different and the training programme can be customised.