FUSE®: Strategic Decision Making

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain, the FUSE®: Strategic Decision Making course equips participants with a practical guide to strategy making.

Strategy and

FUSE® is FMG’s proprietary methodology that ties the core essentials of foresight, in-sighting, strategy formulation as well as operational execution to equip every organisation with a systematic and practical framework to understand and manage reality in order to change and transform and be prepared for future challenges.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Senior Managers, Directors and C-Suite


FUSE® helps business leaders and executives to:

  • Make decisions in the present to better affect your organisation’s future
  • Filter crucial insights from the deluge of everyday information
  • Embrace uncertainty by tapping the power of imagination and narratives
  • Integrate insights from internal and external environments to construct accurate strategic perspectives
  • Utilise a principled approach towards strategy formulation
  • Stress-test strategies to ensure robustness and resilience
  • Execute strategies effectively through disruptive implementation and adaptation
Programme Outline

The full programme is conducted over 4.5 days.

1. Foresight

  • Locating the Focal Question
  • Mapping the Conventional View
  • Identifying Assumptions
  • Building Scenarios

2. Understanding

  • Confronting Biases
  • Mitigating Biases
  • Developing a Shared Vision
  • In-sighting

3. Strategy

  • Leadership
  • Principle-driven Strategy Formulation
  • Stress-testing

4. Execution

  • Disruption: The 5Cs – Commitment Cycle
  • Review: Evaluating and Diagnosing Performance
  • Adaptation

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Effectively develop scenarios that can be used to better understand the external environment
  • Map out and evaluate the strategic options available
  • Obtain accurate insights into their organisation to better formulate strategies tailored to their specific goals
  • Apply the relevant techniques to ensure strategies developed are
    resilient and rigorous under a range of conditions
  • Execute strategies meaningfully