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Overview of Data Science Programme (DSP)
(Public Sector)

Developing data-proficient professionals for the public sector.

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DSP (Public Sector)
Course Schedule

Course Schedule for DSP (Public Sector).
Updated on 19th September 2019.

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Text Analytics *new*

Learn how to generate reasonable and actionable insights about the data pattern embedded in the textual data.

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A two-day course designed to introduce participants to the data process and data handling principles.

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A three-day course that introduces participants to the sampling process, data cleaning and basic predictive analysis.

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Advanced: Data Analytics with Programming

A three-day course that provides the full spectrum of techniques from data analysis, visualisation and the introduction to apps development using programming skills.

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Advanced: Predictive Analysis

A three-day course that provides an introduction to different predictive modelling and techniques, including regression-based predictive analysis, time series-based, classification & clustering based and association rule-based.

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Advanced: Machine Learning

A three-day course that equips participants with different popular types of machine learning techniques, such as regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction and text analysis.

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FUSE® Strategic Decision Making

An insightful and practical guide to strategy making for leaders that uses FMG’s proprietary methodology.

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Advanced Policy Development Programme (APDP)

Training the next generation of leaders to develop policies that solve complex challenges.

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Public Policy

How can enduring results be achieved for citizens? Better policymaking through a structured proven framework of policy thinking, formulation and implementation.

Future-Moves Academy


The Future-Moves Academy was launched on 17 January 2018 by His Excellency Guillaume Kavaruganda, High Commissioner of the Republic of Rwanda. The Academy serves as a nexus for thought leadership and a state-of-the-art training facility for our training programmes such as the Data Skills Programme (DSP)






"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the training here. The course exceeded my expectations. The course materials are very self-explanatory and clear. I like the fact that there are a lot of hands on exercises and assessments at the end of each day because it acts as a refresher on what we have learnt."

Quek Khim Geok

Statistician, JTC Corporation


"The excel and data analytical skills that we have learnt are very applicable to my work. I think the excel skills will decrease the time taken when I try to clean up data and formulate the things that I want to categorise."

James Lee

Assistant Manager, JTC Corporation


"We were well-supported throughout the training – help was readily-available. Excel tips and tricks are valuable for real working scenarios and the trainer showcased the most efficient methods to be used."

Muhamad Mikhail Muhamad Tahir

Management Associate, Singapore Tourism Board


“Sobering and interesting course. Would recommend this training for all new officers.”

Siew Leck Khai

Senior Officer, SPRING Singapore


"You (FMG team) are very systematic, your (team) is very good, very meticulous… It’s good that you have various (trainers) with different expertise…"

Nooraini Bte Hamzah

Training Participant, REACH


"Understanding how (data collection) is done is definitely beneficial to me… I can scrutinise (my data) more… and ask more informed questions now… These are essential for someone in my field to know, as a communicator, especially the part on Qualitative Data Analysis…"

Nageswaran Naganandhin

Training Participant, Ministry of Communications and Information