We help organisations build capability in Strategy, Data Analytics, and Public Policy to help you remain competitive in a fast-changing world.

Our mission is to accelerate your transformation by unlocking the potential of your people.

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Data Skills Programme
(Public Sector)

Developing data-proficient professionals for the public sector.

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DSP (Public Sector)
Course Schedule

Course Schedule for DSP (Public Sector).
Updated on 5th December 2018.

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Data Skills Programme

Learn how to analyse and interpret data to make data-driven decisions for your organisation.

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FUSE® Strategic Decision Making

An insightful and practical guide to strategy making for leaders that uses FMG’s proprietary methodology.

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Advanced Policy Development Programme (APDP)

Training the next generation of leaders to develop policies that solve complex challenges.

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Public Policy

How can enduring results be achieved for citizens? Better policymaking through a structured proven framework of policy thinking, formulation and implementation.

Future-Moves Academy


Our Story

FMA was developed as a physical manifestation of FMG’s desire to be a training provider, think tank, and thought convener.




With the launch of FMA in early 2018, our aspiration is for the Academy to serve as a venue of thought leadership and a state-of-the-art training facility for our training programmes. FMA’s flagship programme will be our well received Data Skills Programme (DSP).



“Sobering and interesting course. Would recommend this training for all new officers.”

Siew Leck Khai

Senior Officer, SPRING Singapore


"You (FMG team) are very systematic, your (team) is very good, very meticulous… It’s good that you have various (trainers) with different expertise…"

Nooraini Bte Hamzah

Training Participant, REACH


"Understanding how (data collection) is done is definitely beneficial to me… I can scrutinise (my data) more… and ask more informed questions now… These are essential for someone in my field to know, as a communicator, especially the part on Qualitative Data Analysis…"

Nageswaran Naganandhin

Training Participant, Ministry of Communications and Information