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Past Clients and Projects

Strategy and Public Policy Development

Economic Sector

Igniting Growth for Secondary Cities in Rwanda
  • Developed a foresight-based report and outcome-driven development roadmap to ignite the future economic potential of Rwanda’s six secondary cities. This, supported Rwanda’s aim to transform into a knowledge-based and middle-income economy with renewed engines of growth.
  • Identified good governance as key to economic development and identified indicators to evaluate governance levels in each city.
  • Reframed Rwanda’s goals and perspectives by challenging existing assumptions, issues and aspirations, and recommended niche sectors to focus on for each city based on rigorous analysis and understanding of its distinct capabilities and competitive edge.
Enabling an Inclusive Digital Economy
  • Supported a public sector agency to develop a masterplan outlining the strategies and recommendations to be a leading digital economy.
  • Developed a compelling narrative for public announcement which included framing the strategic priorities and critical enablers to be a leading digital economy, and spur action from stakeholders such as businesses, workforce and citizens to maximise the opportunities that the future of digitalisation brings.
Launching Tomorrow:
White Paper on Singapore’s
Start-up Ecosystem
  • Prepared a white paper on behalf of a national private sector-led organisation to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore.
  • Developed tangible and actionable policy recommendations to address the gaps and opportunities for promoting a vibrant the start-up ecosystem in Singapore. The actionable recommendations were submitted and presented to the private and public sector decision-makers for funding and execution.
  • Provided new perspectives, rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic environment and extensive stakeholder engagement sessions, to understand the salient issues and validate the potential of preliminary recommendations.
Charting a New Course for the Marine & Offshore Sector
  • Identified commercially viable strategies and pathways for the Marine & Offshore sector, amidst a weak outlook for the industry and growth plans.
  • Performed rigorous and comprehensive  macroeconomic environment analysis, adopted a scenario planning approach to challenge conventional thinking, and engaged industry players in validating and shaping consensus to advocate for government support.

Strategy and Public Policy Development

Social Sector

Transforming and Strengthening the Service Model and Delivery for the Social Sector
  • Provided high-level strategic advisory to overseas government organisations on the re-organisation and transformation of social ministries and community development departments to strengthen their service model and delivery for the social sector.
  • Advised on the public sector transformation, its mandate as well as organisational principles and planning journey at the federal level.
Equipping Ambassadors to Effectively Communicate Social Policies
  • Supported a public sector agency (then-Pioneer Generation Office) to train more than 1,000 volunteers and ambassadors to effectively communicate complex social and health policies to senior citizens.
  • Equipped the ambassadors with the necessary skills to understand government policies and developed easy-to-understand communication materials to enable them to communicate succinctly and clearly when handling the door-to-door engagements with senior citizens in the heartlands.

Strategic Planning

Enabling the Asia-Pacific Strategy Development for a Chemical Business
  • Engaged by one of the world’s leading chemical formulators for lubricant additives to develop their Asia-Pacific growth strategy in close consultation with their senior executive leaders.
  • Supported the team to challenge existing organisational assumptions, processes, people and performance models to push the envelope in building a more resilient and cohesive business strategy for its desired future growth in Asia Pacific, amidst competitive, challenging economic landscape.
Visioning and Strategic Planning Exercise for a Leisure Destination
  • Designed an interactive and engaging strategic planning workshop with the senior management team.
  • Developed commercially viable recommendations to help reposition the  leisure destination’s value proposition.
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