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What Our Clients Have To Say

Chan Wei Gan & Tan Kiat How

Programme Directors, Pioneer Generation Office (PGO), Singapore

“The Data Analytics Project or DAP represents a game changer for PGO. It is the sort of data powered, technology-driven innovation which will help government deliver policies in a more citizen-centric way. The DAP serves as an important enabling step towards even more ambitious initiatives which will equip PGO with a national level intelligent operations and analysis system.”

Loh Soi Min

Director of Policy & Promotion, SPRING Singapore

“The Future-Moves Group team is highly professional in leading and managing our research project using intelligent data and in-depth analysis. Through their ability to engage our stakeholders effectively, they were able to help us draw meaningful insights which will aid us in our programme development efforts.”

Professor Anastase Shyaka

CEO, Rwanda Governance Board

“Accountability and effective governance is critical to economic development. Rwanda has adopted the development of secondary cities as a strategy aiming at achieving its objective of becoming a middle-income economy by 2020”. We are therefore pleased to work with the Singapore experts from the Future-Moves Group. They understood our challenges and the aspirations of our people and this is immensely critical as we work with them to implement accountable and effective delivery into our development framework so that it becomes a catalyst for growth and transformation in and around our secondary cities.”

LTG Jerdwut Kraprayoon

Commandant, Joint Staff College, National Defence Study Institute, Royal Thai Armed Forces

"Very insightful, perhaps one of the best foresighting workshop I have ever attended"

Mr. Thomas Lillelund

Chief Executive Officer, Aspen Re.

“Devadas is an engaging and dynamic speaker.  Through his “FUSE” model, he examines in detail a number of geopolitical and economic considerations and brings deep insight to strategic thinking and planning.  Devadas maintains a practical and business minded approach which can be applied to a broad range of everyday business situations.”

Phan Ching Chong

Executive Director, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

“FMG provided strong strategic inputs and a robust process that yielded actionable insights that we could actualise into our plans.”

Wee Tee Heng

Vice Dean (AGD Academy), Accountant-General’s Department (AGD)

“The course frames the policy discussions using frameworks and models which helps to strengthen strategic thinking of our middle management.”

Delivering Outcomes For Our Clients


Building Policymaking Capabilities for SPRING Singapore Officers

An economic agency, SPRING Singapore, was looking to equip its officers with policy formulation, implementation, evaluation and supervisory skills across all levels and divisions of the organisation.

FMG was engaged to conduct policy training for all officers and senior managers in SPRING.


  • Tiered programme designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the different levels within the organisation, including frontline officers, middle managers and senior management

  • Highly qualified trainers with deep expertise and experience in the public sector and policymaking

  • Customised to the needs and requirements of SPRING Singapore

  • Curated discussions as well as case studies to help participants to put into practice the frameworks and skills taught


Public Service officers who attended the course are more confident of their policymaking capabilities.


A new strategy for promotion of Standards & Conformance (S&C) for SPRING Singapore

SPRING Singapore wants to build a nation with a quality mindset. To achieve this goal, they aim to raise awareness of how Standards and Conformance (S&C) is used in everyday life and to build a pool of young professionals equipped to use Standards as a strategic business tool.

FMG was engaged to help formulate strategies to promote awareness and appreciation of S&C among the target audiences.


  • Adopted a strategic perspective where the different target groups were not studied in isolation, but as interacting with and influencing one another

  • Assessed current levels of awareness and appreciation of S&C by quantifying survey data and creating a composite index to allow for effective comparison across different groups

  • Performed advanced statistical tests to gain insights into trends and patterns

  • Conducted in-depth interviews to provide more deep dives into the quantitative data collected during the survey

  • Integrated both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the primary data to obtain more rigorous insights


Ultimately, SPRING Singapore was able to put into action a set of data-backed and effective recommendations to increase the awareness and appreciation of S&C among their target audience.


Igniting growth for Secondary Cities in Rwanda

Rwanda aims to transform into a knowledge-based middle-income country by 2020. To achieve this goal, the Rwandan government wants to develop its secondary cities as engines of growth.

FMG was engaged by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), a Rwandan government institution, to draw-up a development roadmap to ignite the economic potential of these secondary cities.


  • Identified good governance as key to economic development – developed indicators to evaluate governance levels in each city

  • Reframed Rwanda’s goals and perspectives by challenging stakeholders to examine existing assumptions and baseline measurements

  • Created composite indexes for benchmarking and monitoring

  • Conducted extensive stakeholder engagements to understand the aspirations, challenges and potential of each secondary city

  • Recommended niche sectors for economic development in each secondary city based on rigorous economic analysis and in-depth understanding of each city’s distinct capabilities and competitive edge


Through the use of rigorous economic analysis and foresighting methodology, FMG delivered a clear, outcome-driven roadmap for economic development in Rwanda’s secondary cities. The “Foresighting of Service Delivery in Secondary Cities Report” has been adopted by the Rwanda Governance Board in its development plans.


Transforming a Public Agency’s data systems to boost efficiency and make better decisions

A newly set up agency with district offices wanted to align its data-related systems and processes across the different offices to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Performed standardisation, harmonisation and optimisation of systems and processes used by the different offices after extensive survey and mapping

  • Conducted stakeholder engagement sessions to understand the organisation’s objectives, requirements and challenges

  • Developed new systems with automated updating and calculation capabilities

  • Conducted training sessions to ensure that officers using these systems and processes could effectively operationalise them on the ground

  • Worked with the agency to implement and operationalise the recommended systems and processes


The data management system for this Public Agency was successfully transformed with common systems and processes. This enabled our client to become more efficient and effective in its programmes and to incorporate analysis to make better and faster decisions.


Unlocking the power of data to generate insights about senior citizens for better public policy

The Pioneer Generation Office (PGO) is a government agency set up to communicate policies to elderly Singaporeans. Given the large volume of data gathered from its engagements, PGO aims to use this data to optimise its operations and achieve its mission in a more effective and targeted manner.

FMG was engaged to analyse the agency’s data to generate meaningful insights for operational and policy improvements.


  • Employed predictive analytics to anticipate well-being risk of senior citizens by using regression-based models and classification techniques

  • Identified emerging trends and patterns, misalignment between policy intentions and gaps in service delivery to evaluate the effectiveness of PGO’s services

  • Created interactive and integrated dashboards to assist the agency in monitoring its nationwide operations


Drawing from our data analytics and data visualisation expertise, FMG was able to successfully transform PGO’s decision-making capabilities in both its operations and policy work.


Deepening strategy and foresight capabilities for Thai professionals

The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) intended to set up a Center of Excellence for Foresight (CEF) to advise the Thai government on how to navigate uncertainties in the future for the benefit of the Thai people and economy.

FMG was engaged to conduct a 4-day foresight and scenario planning workshop to develop the capability of FTPI officers tasked with setting up the CEF.


  • Assessed officers to validate their understanding of the concepts and tools taught

  • Adopted the Socratic method of teaching to challenge officers on their biases and stimulate thinking

  • Real-world, practical application of scenario planning taught through the use of FMG’s proprietary scenario planning cards

  • Structured workshop around FMG’s proprietary strategy planning methodology FUSE®: Foresight-driven, Understanding, Strategy and Execution

  • Customised and contextualised case-studies to provide officers with an in-depth and multi-dimensional engagement of concepts covered throughout the workshop


Officers who attended the workshop were equipped with practical tools that would enable them to carry out their work with confidence and effectiveness.


Building Data Skills for the Public Sector

21st Century governance will see a greater need for data-driven policy solutions. The Public Sector Data (PSD) Skills programmes aims to equip public service officers with data analytic skills to address the challenges of policymaking in an increasingly interconnected and digital world.


  • Specially customised for effective application in the public sector

  • Integrated hands-on exercises for key concepts and skills that can be brought back to the office

  • Applied Learning Assessments (ALA) evaluate participants' acquired concepts and new skills

  • Highly qualified trainers with expertise and experience in a range of subjects


Public service officers who attended the course are able to handle data more confidently and apply data skills in their policy and programme work.


Charting a new course for the Marine & Offshore (M&O) sector for Tech Offshore Marine Pte. Ltd.

FMG was engaged by Tech Offshore Marine Pte. Ltd. to identify commercially viable pathways for the Marine & Offshore (M&O) sector amidst a weak outlook for the industry.


  • Performed rigorous and comprehensive economic analysis to assess the macroeconomic environment

  • Adopted a scenario-planning approach as part of our foresight methodology to challenge conventional thinking and spur action

  • Conducted focus group sessions with industry players to validate recommendations and to obtain consensus on the proposed pathways


FMG identified strategies that would promote Tech Offshore Marine Pte. Ltd.’s growth while revitalising the M&O sector. Through various engagements, FMG successfully obtained industry buy-in and also advocated for government support, culminating in an interagency-level presentation.

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