Move-The-Future (MTF) Series: “Navigating Risks and Opportunities for Big Tech”

Date July 4, 2019

On 4th July 2019, we hosted our 4th Move-The-Future (MTF) Series at our Future-Moves Academy. The Breakfast Sharing focused on our latest insight report on, “Navigating Risks and Opportunities for Big Tech” and shared by Senior Associate Consultant, Mr Ho Zu Heng and Data Analyst, Dr Ryan Chow.

We shared key findings on the risks and opportunities for Big Tech companies and identified long-term critical uncertainties in the fast-paced digital technology landscape, including a proposed strategy framework from the perspective of Big Tech companies. The framework discusses possible strategies Big Tech could adopt (Pursue, Monitor, Avoid or Active Risk Management) based on the assessment of risks and potential gain. FMG’s CEO, Mr Devadas Krishnadas, moderated the roundtable discussion with our guests.

Thank you to our guests and partners for actively participating at this thought-leadership MTF session and sharing their insightful thoughts, making it a truly lively exchange! We certainly look forward to seeing many more of our partners, clients and extended networks at our next MTF series. If you are keen to receive our e-alerts, drop us a note at:

Click here to download the report.

Roundtable Discussion with Zu Heng, Devadas, and Ryan
Welcoming our guests to the breakfast sharing
Ryan sharing on the risks to Big Tech
Zu Heng presenting the opportunities for Big Tech
Networking with guests
Our speakers engaging with guests


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