FMG welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate interns who are considering a management consulting career after graduation.

As a growing consultancy, we are looking for highly motivated individuals who have strong analytical skills, work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. FMG is a dynamic firm that is characterised by intellectual curiosity, innovation, close collaboration, teamwork and continuous learning.

At FMG you will be exposed to a wide variety of work in our multi-sectoral practice. Workstreams vary, but interns are commonly responsible for data gathering and analysis, research, preparing presentation and training materials. Interns will be exposed to business and organisational issues and our proprietary framework for strategy-making, FUSE®. Each intern would receive supervision and guidance during the internship.

Justin Tang
Intern, Analyst (Summer 2016)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Political Science), Second Major in Analytics, Singapore Management University


Despite the short amount of time spent here at Future-Moves Group (FMG), I have gained immense industry exposure which is a real privilege for a greenhorn like myself. Do not expect it to be a ride in a park. The environment at FMG will broaden your horizons by challenging you to consciously seek ways to deliver maximum impact through your work.

Similarly, FMG is centred upon delivering maximum impact and the best possible outcomes for its clients, implicit within its approach by employing foresight methodologies stemming from twin core competencies of qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Such an experience has expedited my learning process and consequently allowed me to accomplish my intention of improving aggressively through this internship. In fact, the talented colleagues of FMG have patiently guided (and continues to guide) me on the lingo, working styles and central values of FMG – hence allowing me to meaningfully contribute to the daily ins-and-outs of the firm. With numerous opportunities to learn and take advantage of, my experience here at FMG has indeed influenced my long-term goals and shape my character positively.

Caren Erica Suciono
Intern, Economist (Summer 2016)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of California, Berkeley


Being an intern at FMG, a small yet aspiring company, was a valuable and rewarding experience. It far exceeded my expectations as I have learned so many things from my time at FMG.

Interns are trusted as valuable team members. I worked on projects that helped me grow professionally. With guidance from my colleagues, FMG provided the hands-on learning that most learning institutions lack and I have been lucky enough to be included at every stage of the project. It is so rewarding to see how the work I have put in will be used to create an impact for the client. I was also exposed to the various job scopes and thus able to expand my knowledge and gain new skill sets. The internship has given me an incredible work experience whilst complementing my academic interest. I believe that this experience will continue to help me for the years to come and I am grateful to have learned from the best.

Applicants are required to provide the following:

  • A cover letter and comprehensive resume with three professional references
  • Copies of relevant academic or professional certification
  • A statement of interest in the position

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

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