Three Men and Destiny: International Bargaining at Camp David

Year: 2021

It has been more than 42 years since the Camp David Accords, which brought together three men of very different characters and sets of objectives, yet culminated in a historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. The 13 days that Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter spent engaged in dramatic and often combustible discussions have come to be described as a “classic negotiation… one in which two long-standing antagonists were brought together by an active mediator to settle their differences.”

Negotiation, diplomacy, mediation, compromise – this tale had them all. And what present day organisation or business leader wouldn’t agree that such skills are as critical today as they were four decades ago? Read this monograph by Devadas Krishnadas for further insights on the lessons to be learned from that historic fortnight at Camp David.

March 2021

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