At FMG, we own our ideas. FUSE® is our proprietary strategic tool and practical framework we adopt in the advisory and consulting practice.

Introduction to FUSE®

Foresight-driven, Understanding, Strategy and Execution, or FUSE®, is a decision-making tool developed by FMG.

As a proven and practical framework, FUSE® ties the core essentials of foresight, in-sighting, strategy formulation as well as operational execution to prepare decision-makers and planners for an unknowable future.

More importantly, it helps you understand key insights from both the internal and external forces, and linking it to strategy and execution to achieve tangible results.

FUSE® helps organisations and businesses to:

Utilise a principled approach towards strategy formulation

Stress-test strategies to ensure robustness and resilience

Make decisions in the present to better affect your organisation’s future

Execute strategies effectively through disruptive implementation and adaptation

Filter crucial insights from the deluge of everyday information

Embrace uncertainty by tapping onto the power of imagination and narratives

Integrate insights from internal and external environments to construct accurate strategic perspectives

Make deliberate efforts to review and fine-tune the strategy and execution

Get Trained in the FUSE® Methodology

Read More About FUSE®

You can learn more about FUSE® and the proven path for strategy making through our best-selling book.

Using case studies and examples that sweep through ancient history to the modern day, from domains as diverse as military warfare, affairs of the state, to commercial competition, FUSE® provides a coherent and engaging study of how the new breed of leaders today can and should move the future.

More than an engaging read, FUSE® provides a practical tool for leaders and professionals to formulate and execute plans to deal with future uncertainties.



What Leaders Say

“Every organisation, whether in the public or private sector, has to confront a basic conundrum, which is how to prepare for a future that is essentially unknowable. Devadas Krishnadas has pondered deeply about this question, and his thinking is evident in this erudite book. His response to this question is FUSE®, which is a practical approach to strategic planning. While the components of FUSE® may be familiar, he has combined them into a methodology that can provide fresh and usable insights for decision-makers and planners. The methodology is brought to life by examples that sweep through ancient history to the modern day, from wars, to affairs of state, to the competitiveness of companies, making a convincing case for FUSE®.”

Peter Ho

Head of the Singapore Civil Service (2005 – 2010)

“At a time of uncertainty and rapid change, Devadas is an inspiring guide. Governments and businesses around the world are struggling to address the old proverb: “Where there is no Vision, the People perish”. To create that vision, FUSE® offers an invaluable structured approach to the strategic skills all organisations will need to survive and prosper. This well-researched, clearly written and highly practical handbook for applying foresight thinking to decision-making and action is essential reading for management everywhere.”

Max Everest-Phillips

Director, UNDP Global Centre
for Public Service Excellence

“Clear, insightful, strategic. Devadas is always able to add value to the conversation, whether it is about Singapore’s future, global economic concerns or business strategy. His journey from civil servant to entrepreneur holds lessons for those who aspire to make a difference. This book describes a methodology for success which is grounded in theory and practical experience, relevant and resonant.”

Debra Soon

Head, News & Premier, MediaCorp