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Public Sector Data Skills

Learn how to analyse and interpret data to make data-driven decisions for the public sector and generate intuitive data visualisations

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FUSE® Strategic Decision Making

An insightful and practical guide to strategy making for leaders that uses FMG’s proprietary methodology.

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Public Policy

How can enduring results be achieved for citizens? Better policymaking through a structured proven framework of policy thinking, formulation and implementation.

Making an impact for our clients


Building Policymaking Capabilities for SPRING Singapore Officers

An economic agency, SPRING Singapore, was looking to equip its officers with policy formulation, implementation, evaluation and supervisory skills across all levels and divisions of the organisation.

FMG was engaged to conduct policy training for all officers and senior managers in SPRING.


  • Tiered programme designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of the different levels within the organisation, including frontline officers, middle managers and senior management

  • Highly qualified trainers with deep expertise and experience in the public sector and policymaking

  • Customised to the needs and requirements of SPRING Singapore

  • Curated discussions as well as case studies to help participants to put into practice the frameworks and skills taught


Public Service officers who attended the course are more confident of their policymaking capabilities.


Deepening strategy and foresight capabilities for Thai professionals

The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) intended to set up a Center of Excellence for Foresight (CEF) to advise the Thai government on how to navigate uncertainties in the future for the benefit of the Thai people and economy.

FMG was engaged to conduct a 4-day foresight and scenario planning workshop to develop the capability of FTPI officers tasked with setting up the CEF.


  • Assessed officers to validate their understanding of the concepts and tools taught

  • Adopted the Socratic method of teaching to challenge officers on their biases and stimulate thinking

  • Real-world, practical application of scenario planning taught through the use of FMG’s proprietary scenario planning cards

  • Structured workshop around FMG’s proprietary strategy planning methodology FUSE®: Foresight-driven, Understanding, Strategy and Execution

  • Customised and contextualised case-studies to provide officers with an in-depth and multi-dimensional engagement of concepts covered throughout the workshop


Officers who attended the workshop were equipped with practical tools that would enable them to carry out their work with confidence and effectiveness.


Building Data Skills for the Public Sector

21st Century governance will see a greater need for data-driven policy solutions. The Public Sector Data (PSD) Skills programmes aims to equip public service officers with data analytic skills to address the challenges of policymaking in an increasingly interconnected and digital world.


  • Specially customised for effective application in the public sector

  • Integrated hands-on exercises for key concepts and skills that can be brought back to the office

  • Applied Learning Assessments (ALA) evaluate participants' acquired concepts and new skills

  • Highly qualified trainers with expertise and experience in a range of subjects


Public service officers who attended the course are able to handle data more confidently and apply data skills in their policy and programme work.



“Sobering and interesting course. Would recommend this training for all new officers.”

Siew Leck Khai

Senior Officer, SPRING Singapore


"You (FMG team) are very systematic, your (team) is very good, very meticulous… It’s good that you have various (trainers) with different expertise…"

Nooraini Bte Hamzah

Training Participant, REACH


"Understanding how (data collection) is done is definitely beneficial to me… I can scrutinise (my data) more… and ask more informed questions now… These are essential for someone in my field to know, as a communicator, especially the part on Qualitative Data Analysis…"

Nageswaran Naganandhin

Training Participant, Ministry of Communications and Information