Where Do We Go From Here?: Confronting COVID-19

Year: 2021

9 months ago, FMG CEO Devadas Krishnadas published his bestseller, ‘Confronting Covid-19: A Strategic Playbook for Leaders and Decision Makers’. 18 months on from the onset of the coronavirus, the world continues to grapple with the enduring and pernicious impact of the Covid-19 crisis – in both predictable and unpredictable ways.

Join us, along with Marshall Cavendish Editions, as Devadas takes stock on where we are today and where we will go from here.

Event Details:

Date : 22 June 2021, Tuesday

Time : 11am – 12pm

Webinar synopsis:

You can expect an engaging and intellectual discussion on:

  • What the new Covid-19 variants mean for Singapore and overall, the global fight against the coronavirus
  • The role of governance in countries where Covid-19 cases have been rapidly rising
  • The author’s thoughts on a global roadmap towards a post-Covid world
  • The post-Covid world: A ‘new normal’, workplace trends, economic recovery

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