FMG Highlights: Fundamentals of Public Sector Data (PSD) Skills Inaugural Public Run

Date January 23, 2017

How can the Public Sector apply data analysis to facilitate better decision-making?

Following the success of our bespoke Data Skills Training programme, Future-Moves Group held our first public-run of our Fundamentals of Public Sector Data (PSD) Skills programme from 17th to 19thJanuary. The 3-day PSD programme focused on equipping participants with data analysis skills and tools to make better policy and programme decisions.

Taught by highly qualified trainers with expertise and experience in public sector work, our programme is customised to the needs of the public sector with a core curriculum supplemented by two elective tracks: Data Analysis for Social Policy and Data Analysis for Economic Policy. FMG also places emphasis on practical learning by incorporating exercises for participants to apply the concepts and techniques taught.

Day 1

Programme Manager, Dr. Li Bo (Senior Head, Data Analysis), kick-started the programme with an overview of the future direction of Data Analysis in the public sector. Participants were introduced to statistical concepts, data visualisation methods and trained on software skills to aid the application of statistical testing techniques.

A learning guide was prepared for participants to follow key concepts

Dr Li Bo explaining the case study for participants

Day 2

The second day took participants through the elective curriculum on Data Analysis for Social Policy, introducing the concepts and tools required to conduct qualitative data analysis effectively.

Isabel Chew, Senior Engagement Manager, sharing on the importance of Qualitative Data

Elena Lopez, Economist, taking participants through the 8-step guide to CBA

Day 3

As with all our Executive Education programmes, practicum is incorporated into the curriculum to ensure that participants are able to apply key concepts and skills taught to their everyday work. During the course, participants were given hands-on exercises and case studies to work on in groups. To encourage peer learning, participants presented their work to their classmates.

Group discussion

Isabel Chew explaining alternative options for participants to employ data visualisation techniques

Our inaugural run for the PSD programme was fully subscribed. FMG would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm in embarking on this learning journey with us. We look forward to our next run in early April. The second run will be focused on the elective curriculum on Data Analysis for Economic Policy where participants will be introduced to relevant techniques such as econometrics, regression and forecasting. Please visit our website regularly for further updates or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

What Our Participants Have to Say:

“Understanding how (data collection) is done is definitely beneficial to me… I can scrutinise (my data) more… and ask more informed questions now… These are essential for someone in my field to know, as a communicator, especially the part on Qualitative Data Analysis…”

  • ­Nageswaran Naganandhini, Training Participant, Ministry of Communications and Information

“I think the teaching is good… Every trainer really knows their stuff…”

  • Shaun Sng, Training Participant, Ministry of Communications and Information

“You (FMG team) are very systematic, your (team) is very good, very meticulous… It’s good that you have various (trainers) with different expertise…”

  • Nooraini Bte Hamzah, Training Participant, REACH
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