FMG Highlights: FMG’s Head Analyst Hosts Symposium on Data Analytics in Rwanda

Date September 8, 2016

Supporting decision-making with Data Analytics.

Governments all over the world are tapping on the fast-emerging field of Data Analytics to improve service delivery, fine-tune policy recommendations and predict trends for long-term planning. With scope to be applied in areas as diverse as poverty alleviation, healthcare, agriculture, public safety, and service delivery, Data Analytics is a means to data-driven governance and transparency in accountability.

Following the launch of “The Foresighting of Service Delivery in Secondary Cities Report” at Kigali, FMG’s Head Analyst, Dr Li Bo, was invited to host a technical symposium for the leaders of economic clusters in Rwanda and other professionals to demonstrate the effective utilisation of Data Analytics to promote better governance. As Rwanda transits to becoming a middle-income country, the Government of Rwanda recognises that it cannot afford to neglect the role of Data Analytics.

Dr. Li provided an overview of the benefits of Data Analytics through an in-depth look at a Data Analytics Project completed by FMG within the Singapore context. This project had successfully employed Data Analytics to facilitate effective targeting and prioritisation of resources through the use of predictive analytics. Dr. Li also shared with the audience how Data Analytics can be applied within the Rwandan context and proposed several directions that Rwanda could consider working towards in the future in its efforts to promote better governance.

FMG’s Head Analyst, Dr. Li Bo

FMG’s CEO Devadas Krishnadas engaging with participants

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