FMG Highlights: FMG’S CEO Moderates Panel Discussion at National Security Conference 2016

Date November 9, 2016

More than 500 Participants Attend “2020: Singapore Businesses’ State of Resilience” at the National Security Conference 2016, Moderated by FMG’s CEO Devadas Krishnadas.

National Security Conference 2016: Fight the Dark Side, hosted by Singapore Business Federation, drew more than 500 participants. Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and the panel discussion offered participants the opportunity to learn more about addressing cyber security-related risks pertaining to people, processes, and technology.

FMG’s CEO Devadas Krishnadas as moderator, panellists Ms Tammie Tham (SITF), Mr Ryan Flores (Trend Micro) and Mr Selwyn Scharnhorst (Cyber Security Agency) wrapped up the one-day event with an engaging discussion and Q&A session on why organisations ought to give attention to the continuing risk of cyber threats.







Mr Devadas Krishnadas raised issues for panellists to address on how being Cyber Secure doesn’t stop at simply externalising the cyber security of your company to external third party service providers. He also raised a key point on how taking steps to ensure Cyber Security for your organisation gives you a competitive advantage and it is time for SMEs to place emphasis on their security frameworks in order to stay competitive.


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