Delivering outcomes for our clients in the public and private sectors through a combination of astute strategic direction and practical execution tactics.

Strategy is at the heart of what we do

We work with clients to make change happen and achieve their goals through consulting services in the following areas:

Strategy Consulting

We help clients achieve results and growth by serving the right mix of strategic direction and operational execution.

We don’t ask what would happen, nor what should happen, but rather what could happen. We do this through foresight tools derived from our proprietary in-house framework FUSE® to complement conventional analysis. This helps our clients develop the “whats” and “whys”, to create solutions and resilient strategies that aid decision-making.


Strategic Planning and Corporate Strategy

Business Strategy

Strategic Management

Public Policy Consulting

Experience and expertise are the two defining reasons why government agencies and public sector organisations locally and internationally engage FMG in supporting, developing and evaluating their policy initiatives and programmes. We understand, analyse and advise.

Equipped with our slate of proven tools and methodologies, we are dedicated to providing concrete workable solutions to help our clients achieve high performance and build policy capabilities to provide better service delivery and outcomes for the population.

Policy Planning, Management and Development

Policy, Programme Analysis and Evaluation

Strategic Policy Communication

Research & Data Analysis

At FMG, we identify the focal question for your problem. We use this foundational understanding to decide which analytical method is best suited for you.

We provide end-to-end research and data analysis services. Using advanced statistical methods, we integrate qualitative and quantitative data to uncover insights and patterns. Our clients benefit from this approach, allowing us to produce insights to calibrate strategy formulations and create meaningful solutions.

Quantitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis

Economic Analysis

The economy forms the key landscape that businesses and governments operate in.

The formulation of strategies and policies in businesses and the public sector often requires the integration of rigorous economic analysis to arrive at resilient and sound decisions. We provide insights into the economic forces, impacts, and projections that will affect your organisation’s business and programmes.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Economic Modelling


We help you stay ahead of the curve.