Confronting COVID-19

A must read for all leaders and decision-makers in the public, private and community sectors to understand not just the present but the shared future in a ‘post-Covid’ world.

Introduction to Confronting COVID-19:
A Strategic Playbook for Leaders and Decision Makers

COVID-19 is the most challenging crisis the world has faced for almost a century. As a truly global pandemic, there is not a single country on earth – or even a single person – immune to the economic, political and social impact of the devastating virus.

This book analyses the coronavirus crisis in unparalleled depth.

The author begins in section one by framing the COVID-19 pandemic by categorically identifying variables and factors central to understanding how COVID-19 has panned out. This is followed in section two with an examination of the pandemic in the realms of politics, public health and economics.

Section three comprises in-depth country case studies, complete with scenario mapping and a formulation of recommendations, before section four looks beyond the immediate imperatives of the ongoing pandemic and pictures our shared future in a ‘post-Covid’ world.

Confronting COVID-19’s combination of rigorous, evidence-based analyses, projections and actionable recommendations makes this a must-read book for all leaders and decision makers in public, private and community sectors. Most of all, the ideas presented within these pages command the urgent attention of those within the international policy-making community.

In February and March 2021, Confronting Covid-19: A Strategic Playbook for Leaders and Decision Makers made to the #1 best-seller on Amazon, twice!

We are proud of this achievement and grateful for the support to all who have made this possible in this journey!



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Global Views

“Governments need to understand the future scenarios of new normals that will happen after COVID-19 and plan accordingly. This book is very relevant, providing information, insights and analysis about these challenges that are facing us today and will do in the future.”

General Jerdwut Kraprayoon

Special Advisor, Royal Thai Armed Forces;
Advisor to Senate Committee on Military and National Security

“For business executives, government ministers, international organization leaders, ambiguity and uncertainty in strategic decision-making are ineluctable. They go with the job… Public governance can flourish or founder in any of these contexts. Krishnadas tells us how not to flounder and, perhaps, how to flourish in a world with Covid-19. Leaders should take note.”

Paul M. Vaaler

John and Bruce Mooty Chair in Law & Business
Law School & Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota

“An impressively comprehensive and intelligent snapshot of how governments are coping with their biggest challenge of recent times, by one of the sharpest observers of global trends.”

Prof Geoff Mulgan

Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation, University College London;
former CEO of Nesta and former Director of UK Government Strategy Unit

“Devadas has suggested a masterplan – a playbook of sorts – and recommendations that governments, societies, and all people should study carefully if we want to emerge stronger from not only COVID-19, but any future pandemic we will face.”

Prof Inderjit Singh Dhaliwal

Entrepreneur and Member of Parliament, Singapore (1996 to 2015)

“He argues convincingly that our planet and species need the glue of multilateralism to make our interconnected and interdependent world function optimally and ensure its and our survival. Devadas’s analysis makes for compelling and instructive reading because it is always insightful.”

Victor Mills

Chief Executive, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

“With chapters considering macro- and micro-issues. as well as policy challenges and solutions, this book makes an important contribution to the discussion, and should be considered a ‘must-read’ for leaders across the public and private sectors.”

Ian Herbison

Co-founder and Group CEO, Speyside Group