What you need to know about the basics of Data Analytics

Year: 2019

You would have heard about commonly used terms like data science, data analytics, visualisation, machine learning and so on as it gains more attention in a digitally-enabled world. Sometimes, more often than not, we might not even know the difference and it can even sound complex especially if you are a newbie in this topic.

Fret not. You don’t have to possess specialised experience or deep background in data science to know the fundamentals of analytics. It’s all in the mindset and attitude towards discovering the power of data and understanding how to use it, that is more pertinent to any layman and to get started!

In fact, in today’s working context, we can’t run away from collecting or using or finding or making sense of data that either supports or enables our work.

Whether you are a beginner with no background in statistics/analytics or an advanced-level user in data application, you can learn more with us today. At Future-Moves Group, we train many professionals (close to 800) across different backgrounds build capabilities in data skills and help them apply it directly at work.

Here are some key highlights and topics covered for each of the following data science courses upcoming in August and September 2019.

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Four types of data analytics commonly used

  • Descriptive analytics describes what has happened, allowing you and your organisation reveal patterns, spot trends and draw preliminary insights.
  • Diagnostic analytics examines and isolates the root causes of what has happened, helping you or organisations determine the cause of a positive or negative outcome.
  • Predictive analytics analyses available or historical data to forecast the future or estimate unknown variables, to facilitate proactive and pre-emptive actions.
  • Prescriptive analytics simulates various scenarios or future pathways to help you and your organisation determine the best course of actions.


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