Understanding the Global Tax Agenda: An Explainer by FMG

Year: 2021

Recently, global tax reform has been making the headlines. The digitalisation of the economy has also thrown up a raft of taxation challenges for countries to grapple with, and while the OECD has been leading a years-long effort to find a multilateral solution, unilateral implementation of digital service taxes by many countries has raised the US’s hackles and led to the threat of a trade war.

With calls for a Global Minimum Corporate Tax rate gathering momentum and high-stakes G7 meetings also thrown into this mix, you can be forgiven for wondering what exactly is going on.

Following guidance from FMG’s Director of Tax and Financial Advisory, Annalise Foong, our team has created this Explainer video to help bring all the various threads of the global tax agenda together; we hope it helps. Enjoy!


Annalise Foong is the Director of Financial and Tax Advisory at the Future-Moves Group. She has extensive experience in this field, in particular with a focus on Compliance, Tax Policy and Transaction Advisory. If your organisation is grappling with a complex tax puzzle and looking for professional and practical consultancy support, do get in touch at annalisefoong@future-moves.com.