TODAY Online: “Why the Singapore-Malaysia maritime and airspace disputes matter”

Year: 2018

On 5 December 2018, FMG CEO Devadas Krishnadas was featured on the TODAY Online. In the article, Mr Devadas Krishnadas described the “provocations and brinkmanship practices” as a “back to the future experience” of dealing with Dr Mahathir.

These would pose as tests to Singapore’s fourth-generation leadership, he said.

While diplomacy and rule of law should “always be the preferred channels of discourse”, he reiterated that Singapore “must always stand firm on principle and be prepared to protect its interests”.

“Showing weakness through appeasement will only encourage the pressure for more concessions in the future,” said Mr Devadas, a chief executive of Future-Moves Group, an international strategic consultancy and executive education provider.

“And Singaporeans need to rally behind its government. This is not a matter of abstract or arcane policy but of safeguarding our sovereignty and defending against real existential impediments to our economy.”

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