Strategic thinking, investments, and patience are hallmarks of good governance

Year: 2020

This post is written as a brief comment to an article published on The Business Times titled: Singapore tops smart city index for second straight year (17 September 2020).

“The Singapore government and public administration, over generations, deserve recognition and credit for this achievement.

Singapore was an early adopter of ICT, especially in public administration, from the 1980s till the present.

In more recent times, it has transitioned from technology adopter to innovator. In doing so, it also changed its mode and approach towards technology integration. It has gone from a focus on COTS (commercially off the shelf), to adaptation, internal generation to working collaboratively with industry and co-creating technology solutions alongside organic investments to develop institutional capabilities as an ecosystem from government, to IHLs, to start-up campuses and nurturing growing communities of risk-seeking investors.

This represents both strategic thinking, strategic investments and strategic patience. These are hallmarks of good governance.

The beneficiaries are the people, the public purse and enterprises. And also the international reputation of Singapore which is an asset in and of itself. ”

– Devadas Krishnadas