Pursuing justice ‘without fear or favour’ and with professionalism and competence

Year: 2020

This post is written as a brief comment to an article published on Channel News Asia titled: Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam to deliver ministerial statement on Parti Liyani case (16 September 2020).

“The findings by Justice Chan Seng Onn on the conduct of the accusers, the Liew Family, the competence of the trial judge, and procedural failings of the Police and decision of the AGC to pursue the case on such unsafe grounds are so egregious that it is not only appropriate that the Minister of Law speaks in Parliament on these matters but that the Commissioner of Police account for the conduct of the Police and explain if it intends to investigate the Liews, the Attorney-General or since he chose to recuse himself, his Deputy, to explain the conduct of the AGC and whether it intends to press the Police to initiate an investigation of the Liews, and the Senior District Judge to elaborate both on what, if any actions, may be taken against the trial judge and what, if any, guidelines will be issued to District Judges to ensure a higher standard of jurisprudence.

It is unreasonable to expect the Minister to ‘carry the can’ alone. The ramifications of the Liyani case are more far-reaching than the case itself. It speaks to the impartiality of the aforementioned entities to pursue justice ‘without fear or favour’ but also with professionalism and competence. Singapore’s reputation of its institution of and for the Rule of Law is at stake.”

– Devadas Krishnadas