Invest, mentor and train the next generation — our national future depends on it

Year: 2020

FMG CEO Devadas reflects on the company’s commitment to nurture the next generation of Singaporeans through investment in training and mentorship:

“It is always a great pleasure and privilege to be able to give international exposure to young talent and to mentor the next generation of multi-racial, multi-disciplinary, multilingual, multi-religious Singaporean professionals who are bonded by a singular Singapore identity. While we are a private company, we conduct ourselves as ambassadors and representatives of Singapore, its values and its promise for the future.

At FMG we invest, mentor, train our talent to the highest international standards. We are not overly concerned with our competition, we focus on quality to the extent that it is our competition that has to spend time and energy worrying about us. That should also be the case and mindset for Singapore as a competitive nation, not just a competitive economy. Our national future depends on it.”