In the Covid-19 crisis, good leadership and governance is “the difference between life and death”

Year: 2020

FMG CEO Devadas, referencing the World Health Organisation’s situation report, underlines the importance of leadership and governance in guiding nations through times of crisis:

“Managing COVID in any country and globally is not centrally a clinical challenge, it is a test of governance. And governance not only in the present day but historically, as public health infrastructure and capacity and efficient and effective public administration, public finance adequacy and an adequately educated population are the work of generations, though the good work of generations can be ruined by poor governance in a much shorter period.

Good governance also incorporates trust between people and the government to ensure compliance with mandatory precautions without recourse to the use of force.

Finally, good governance is not only about good government but leadership in the civic and economic sectors working in concert rather than in contention with each other or the government.

Vaccine or no vaccine, the quality of governance is the difference between life and death for many in every population.”