Enforce a ‘get tough now’ approach for non-compliant F&B operators and patrons

Year: 2020

This post is written as a brief comment to an article published on Channel News Asia titled: Some diners still breaching COVID-19 rules, but F&B operators say situation has improved (9 October 2020).

“FMG notes that Singapore’s economy has taken on the burden of the financial hits from the circuit breaker and economic recession. Households and workers have been heavily insulated by populist government interventions.

This has created a dangerous condition of complacency.

All the gains achieved in managing Covid can be easily set back by irresponsible behaviour by both patrons and operators of F&B outlets.

We note in the attached article that every F&B manager or owner pledged to take the required precautions seriously but when contravention was pointed out by the reporter, in every instance the response was a variation of ‘I never saw it’.

This is nonsense, and enforcement not education is the only reliable recourse.

If we are to return to being a fine city, then we must be prepared to issue on the spot punitive administrative fines to non-compliant patrons and operators. Repeat offenders should face criminal prosecution for endangering public safety and owners have their licences withdrawn and barred from the F&B sector for 12 months or more.

Only the severest measures will ensure compliance and thus secure the gains so expensively achieved at the national level.

With Phase 3, breaches will only increase. FMG urges a get tough now approach, as too much is at stake.”

– Devadas Krishnadas