Confusion, inconsistency and incoherence – Trump and the coronavirus

Year: 2020

This post is written as a brief comment on the White House’s reporting of Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis.

“FMG expresses concern that there is clear confusion, inconsistency and incoherency in the reporting by the White House staff, including the Chief of Staff, the Doctors treating President Trump at Walter Reed and from the President himself.

Given the prominence of the office of the President and the timing of the final weeks of a General Election, this should raise red flags on many fronts. In place of clarity and yes, truth, there is instead confusion and obfuscation.

Trump’s continued unwillingness to treat Covid seriously despite he himself being infected, encourages his supporters to continue to be in denial of the danger of the virus and to disregard sensible and proven precautionary measures.

Rather than take this opportunity as a transformative moment which will change behaviour and save lives, Trump continues to exhibit his characteristic hubris and irresponsibility which will ironically cost his hard core supporters the most, including hazarding their lives. Tragic as that would be, the greater damage is that those who are behaving responsibly continue to be harassed and placed at risk.

America is ticking all the boxes of how not to fight the virus and President Trump is a case study in how not to lead.”

– Devadas Krishnadas