Confronting COVID-19: Upcoming Fourth Book by Devadas Krishnadas

Year: 2020

This post is written to introduce the fourth book by FMG CEO Devadas Krishnadas, titled: Confronting COVID-19: A Strategic Playbook for Leaders and Decision Makers.

“FMG has a proven track record of thought leadership. From 2012, the year of our founding, we have produced 200 op-eds, a dozen monographs and 3 books, including our flagship publication, FUSE, which details our proprietary methodology.

I am pleased to announce that our latest publication will be released by Marshall Cavendish International Asia, in November 2020.

It is a global analysis of the COVID pandemic through the lens of governance. It contains original data modelling of infections, costs of vaccinations and macroeconomic forecast models. It also takes a look at the Post-COVID world. While Singapore is one of the countries considered in the book, it is by no means Singapore-centric but considers levels of analysis – from global, to regions and to nations.

FMG is a Singapore company that is leading the way for an Asian, and in particular, Singaporean spearhead of thought leadership and frontier strategic consulting and advisory services. We walk the talk, not talk the walk. Let us help you Move the Future.

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Order the book from Amazon or purchase from book stores from November 2020. This is the Asian century and we are anchoring Singapore as its centre for knowledge and consulting excellence.”

The book is now available for order at all major bookstores and online bookstores, including the e-book edition!

Click here to read the synopsis, global reviews and place your book order.

– Devadas Krishnadas