Commendable actions should be given special recognition

Year: 2020

This post is written as a brief comment to the recent legal proceedings between the former chairman of Changi Airport Group, Liew Mun Leong and his former domestic helper, Ms Parti Liyani.

His written submissions were detailed and well-footnoted; his arguments were persuasive; he explored carefully every aspect of the prosecution’s case and scrutinised the voluminous evidence in the transcripts in order to mount his client’s defence both at the trial and the appeal with clarity; he analysed the grounds of decision of the trial judge in great detail to submit on areas where the trial judge had erred in her findings; he handled all these matters single-handedly and had shown much dedication in his pro bono work for this case.

“FMG strongly advocates that Mr Balchandani be given special recognition. We are of the view that he is deserving of recognition in the 2021 National Day Awards. His diligence, persistence, competence and devotion to a client, all on a pro bono basis, exemplifies the best qualities of advocacy and he single-handedly balanced the scale of justice against the odds. The rule of law is a core pillar of good governance and it takes brave and competent Advocates but also Judges, to ensure the pillar is strong. Justice Chan has set the bar for his peers. They both have brought credit to their vocation and to the Nation. We salute them both. ”

– Devadas Krishnadas