Call out acts which are both cowardly and contradictory to Singaporean values

Year: 2020

In the wake of Temasek Holdings CEO Mdm Ho Ching’s condemnation of the doxxing of Indian employees in Temasek, DBS Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, FMG CEO shares his personal experience of facing racism and xenophobia in Singapore, and urges all Singaporeans to do and be better:

“FMG applauds Madam Ho Ching’s strong statements condemning doxxing and other online attacks on individuals on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or religion.

I myself have been a victim of such vicious attacks. This is despite the fact that my family has been in Singapore for over 100 years and collectively we have contributed over 100 years in public service, with myself serving nearly 20 years in uniformed and policy functions but yet I faced accusations of being a ‘ceca scum’ and told to ‘go back to my country’.

The lazy and casual xenophobia and outright racism by some Singaporeans is intolerable and completely against the Singapore ethos of multiracialism and also being an open economy. Singaporeans should call out such acts which are both cowardly and contradictory to Singaporean values.

This minority of racists and nativists are traitors to the vision of Singapore our Pioneer leaders envisaged. It is our collective responsibility to keep Singapore socially cohesive, cosmopolitan and open to talent while concurrently policing hiring practices that have a proven negative bias towards hiring Singaporeans.

These are not contradictory approaches. Let us have a bigger and better Singapore not a smaller and small-minded Singapore.”