A Singaporean core — integrity, professionalism and an unshakable commitment to excellence

Year: 2020

FMG CEO Devadas shares on the company’s values — especially our Singaporean Core; these are qualities that also serve the nation well, especially in these turbulent times:

“Service to the Nation is the highest calling in the land. The Future-Moves Group is proud to be a Singaporean founded, owned and led knowledge-based business that has a long list of distinguished clients globally.

We have an inclusive workforce which is merit-based, multi-racial, multi-religious, and includes young and more mature professionals and representation of both genders and by policy, maintains a strong Singapore Core.

A Singapore Core is not only a matter of numbers but of values. Ours are, first, integrity. Without that, nothing else matters.

Second, professionalism. This is not only a matter of form but of substance in terms of being equitable, merit-based, inclusive, humane and equitable in the treatment of our staff regardless of race, language, religion or age.

Third, an unshakable commitment to excellence. That defines our service promise to not only our clients but to ourselves so we can take legitimate pride in our work and achievements in terms of tangible and substantive outcomes.

These are national qualities and these are also FMG’s qualities. Duty, Honour and Country is a code that does not become irrelevant or obsolete just because one no longer wears a uniform.”