The Sunday Times – “Shaken and Stirred”

Date November 28, 2016

I don’t write to persuade people to take my view. I’m trying to persuade people to take a view, based on fact.”

CEO of Future-Moves Group Mr. Devadas Krishnadas was profiled in the 27th November 2016 edition of The Straits Times’ “The Big Read”. With his third and latest book, The Seduction of the Simple, out in bookstores since September, the interview delves into the motivations behind his writing and his perspectives on Singapore’s future.

Throughout his book, Devadas stresses the need for Singapore to continue to stir things up. As Singapore’s politics become more populist, this will serve as a remedy against simplistic thinking and help the city-state stay competitive. This will be increasingly pertinent as Devadas believes that the Singapore story for the future will be “a story of trade-offs”. He calls for the focus to be shifted away from guaranteeing outcomes to ensuring opportunities.

Rather than only looking to the government for solutions, Devadas also highlights the role of the citizenry and the importance of being “interested, informed and involved”. One of the main motivations behind his writing is to present critical issues in a digestible way to “stimulate the reader’s appetite” and allow for citizens to play their part.

Aside from playing a civic role as a public commentator, Devadas has also brought his depth of experience to the private sector and is now the CEO of a strategic planning consultancy firm, Future-Moves Group. The homegrown strategic consulting firm is currently in its fifth year of operation with a strong concentration of clients in the public sector and a growing track record with the private sector. The firm is also expanding into new markets in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The Seduction of the Simple can be found in Kinokuniya, Popular bookstores and online at

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