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Move-The-Future (MTF) Series: “Navigating Risks and Opportunities for Big Tech”

On 4th July 2019, we hosted our 4th Move-The-Future (MTF) Series at our Future-Moves Academy. The Breakfast Sharing focused on our latest insight report on, “Navigating Risks and Opportunities for Big Tech” and shared by Senior Associate Consultant, Mr Ho Zu Heng and Data Analyst, Dr Ryan Chow.

FMG Move-The-Future (MTF) Series Breakfast Sharing

Come join us at our upcoming Breakfast Sharing as part of our Move the Future (MTF) Series on the 4th July 2019, Thursday. Learn from the successes and challenges of highly innovative tech companies!

CEO Devadas Krishnadas speaks on 938Now: Podcast now available!

On 25th April 2019, FMG CEO Devadas Krishnadas spoke at a live broadcast interview on 938Now - The Breakfast Club with Keith De Souza.

They talked about leadership and why it is so important for companies, especially SMEs.

Is there a one size fits all pattern that can be employed?
For more on this topic, join us at the Canon Think Big Leadership Seminar on 23 and 24 May at the Marina Mandarin from 9am. Details and ticketing at www.events.mediacorp.sg

Catch the podcast here!

FMG CEO speaks at Civil Service College Seminar

FMG's CEO speaks at a Civil Service College seminar on how the new global order will impact the way ASEAN countries cooperate.

SICC Post-Budget 2018 Breakfast Talk

Corporate activism to responsibly provide reasoned feedback and make policy recommendations is critical to informed policy formulation.
Today's post-Budget breakfast talk organised by SICC was a fine example of experienced corporate players taking the lead in promoting active and responsible discussion.

Post-Budget 2018 Breakfast Talk moderated by Mr. Devadas Krishnadas

Join FMG's CEO Mr. Devadas Krishnadas as he moderates the SICC Post-Budget breakfast talk together with the panel of expert speakers at Ocean Financial Centre on 27 February 2018.

Today Online: “Touchy balancing ties between US and China, Singapore businesses have to pitch in”

Today Online: "Touchy balancing ties between US and China, Singapore businesses have to pitch in"

Today Online: “Looking beyond the policy goodies in the National Day Rally ”

Mr Lee explains how key initiatives introduced at NDR 2018 will address long-term challenges facing Singapore while emphasising that Singaporeans must continue to work hard, take the initiative, and create opportunities for themselves to secure Singapore's future.

Today Online: “Overcoming the challenges of governance in this age of digital disruption ”

Mr Lee highlights the importance for governments to play a strong role in the digital world to guarantee positive outcomes for their citizens.

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