About Future-Moves Group

Headquartered in Singapore, Future-Moves Group (FMG) is a premier strategy and management advisory firm, with a focus in public policy.

FMG’s work is guided by the deep public policy and strategy experience and expertise of its CEO and Lead Advisor, Devadas Krishnadas, who founded the firm in 2012. The passionate work of Devadas and his team enables our local and international clients in multiple sectors to stay ahead of the curve by understanding trends, emerging risks and anticipating change to make practical decisions and deliver tangible outcomes.

FMG’s work is underpinned by a foresight-driven approach and a commitment to evidence-based data analysis. The firm has brought its expertise to bear on diverse multi-sectoral projects: from high-level consultations on whole-of-government sector transformations; to visioning and strategising exercises; to advising global enterprises on international corporate strategy, among much else.

FMG Core Strengths

  • Strategic Planning and Foresight
  • Public Policy Planning, Evaluation and Communication
  • Economic Analysis and Development

Our Services

Upcoming Courses

We help organisations build capabilities in Data Science, Strategy and Public Policy to remain competitive in a fast-changing world.

Our mission is to accelerate your transformation by unlocking the potential of your people.


In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please note that we have suspended all training sessions for this year (2020).

We will update with the 2021 training calendar in due time. Do keep a lookout.

For further enquiries about our courses or in-classroom and online training options, drop us a note at dsp@future-moves.com.

Thank you for your patience and support.




Digitalisation and Digital Trust: Keys for Future Economic Growth

The digital revolution has been profound, and with recent cutting-edge advancements in digital technologies, digitalisation will become ever-more woven into societies around the world throughout the 21st-century. The impact of all of this on governments, businesses and people has been transformative; moving forward, digital trust will be at the heart of ensuring digitalisation’s net impact on our planet is a positive one.